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A word from your Captain

Ahoy, mates! Before we set sail on the seas of revelry, let's chart a course with a few guidelines for our merry band. Our Code of Conduct is a compass that points us toward a jolly good time while respecting the ship and its crew. From a friendly "Ahoy!" to sipping grog responsibly, these be the simple rules that keep our pirate krewe sailing smooth. So, buckle yer swashes, put on yer best pirate duds, and let's navigate these social waters with a spirit of camaraderie. Fair winds and following seas await us!

  1. Arr, Be Friendly:

    • Always greet fellow pirates with a hearty "Ahoy!" and a smile.

    • Share your grog and tales freely.

  2. X Marks the Spot:

    • Respect each pirate's personal space and boundaries.

    • No pilfering or plundering without permission.

  3. Dress for Success:

    • Embrace your inner pirate with swashbuckling attire.

    • Eye patches, tricorn hats, and parrots are highly encouraged.

  4. Shiver Me Timbers, Drink Responsibly:

    • Enjoy the grog, but know your limits.

    • Always have a designated shipmate to ensure everyone gets home safe.

  5. Jolly Cooperation:

    • Help your fellow pirates navigate the treacherous seas of life.

    • A helping hand is worth more than a chest of gold.

  6. No Mutinies Allowed:

    • Disagreements are settled with words, not swords.

    • The captain's word is final, but all opinions be heard.

  7. Batten Down the Hatches:

    • Keep the krewe's secrets safe.

    • Loose lips sink ships—let the tales be shared within the crew.

  8. Yo Ho Ho, Music and Merriment:

    • Dance like a pirate on shore leave.

    • Celebrate the joy of the sea with music, laughter, and good company.

  9. Respect the Landlubbers:

    • Introduce the landlubbers to the pirate way with a friendly spirit.

    • Remember, not everyone has sea legs.

  10. Chart Your Course:

    • Plan future adventures and outings.

    • Together, discover new horizons and hidden gems.

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