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Obtain your own Pirate Garb and have it approved by the Krewe

We're not asking for all out garb the first time you show up... in fact we're never
going to ask for that.  We do want to see you take pride in your outfit whether you

craft or buy it.  If you don't feel good in it then it'll show when you act as a pirate.

Attend 3 events within a 3 rolling months in Garb

In order to join you into the ranks we want to get to know you.  Attend

3 events by accepting Facebook events and showing up to enjoy

the festivities.  Let the Krewe get to know who you are!

Find a Krewe Council Member to Sponsor You

We want you to be involved and be part of the family.  A sponsor will

vet you as a future pirate as well as help you obtain your character name, 

title, and role within the Krewe.  

Apply to Join!

Great!  You've met the 3 requirements so its time to apply.  The application

simply allows us to know some more personal details about you, prove you won't 

cause mutiny among the Krewe and prep for your inauguration.  

Inauguration Party

Its a big deal for new members to join.  We'll plan a day for Krewe members to 

circle up, ask you questions, and celebrate as we give you your official inauguration.
Welcome to the Krewe!

We are not affiliated or sponsored by Pirate Fashions.  Don't forget to check out Amazon or ask Krewe members for advice.

Krewe Application

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