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We're a social krewe of fun loving pirates that gallivant around together.  When we're not out to sea you'll find us raising our glasses in glorious toasts or lifting our voices in songs of adventure.  We enjoy sailing from port to port so you never know where we'll drop anchor in search of treasures

Newest Members

Dick Sidious
Eva Destruction

Upcoming Events

Who are we?

The number one thing we're asked is "Why are you dressed like pirates?" Well, if we weren't... would you have talked to us? To break the ice, bring down walls and experience new things, we dress as fantastical pirates to galavant, partake in good drinks and enjoy your company.

We set sail in February 2018 with our first official member and have continued to expand the Krewe.  We've taken pride in how closely knit we've become and always welcome friendly newcomers with open arms.  Not all treasure is silver and gold.

At least once a month we take the Krewe ashore to join together in song raising our glasses to toasts and each other.  If other groups have scheduled events that spike our interest we might 'invade' and join in the fun.  We're always down for suggestions on where we should drop anchor. 


So if you see us galavanting around don't hesitate to yell out an 'Arrrr' or stop us for a photo!  We love seeing everyone's smiles and laughs kids and adults alike.  So until we meet on the high seas... Huzzah.

- Captain Klink

Huzzah to you!!

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